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Highlights from Chapter 2 in our forthcoming book.

Three Gen Z women rock amazing jobs: Morgan’s college co-op program matches her with advanced roles in civil engineering in Cincinnati, Ohio; Pilar helps women (mostly Latinx) with eating disorders discover the power of nutrition, and teaches yoga on the side, in Los Angeles, California; and Rachel trains new hospital employees in her orientation program in New York City, New York. We’re seeing that, across the U.S. and around the world, many Gen Zers have already secured jobs in their chosen fields, long before they earn a diploma.



Age: 22

Job: Civil Engineering Intern

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. 

Working as an engineer at age twenty-one, Morgan in Cincinnati, Ohio reflects that, “Because I am the first engineer that my family has seen, I have no one to really ask professional questions to.” She enrolled in her local university’s co-op program to gain access to relevant professional work while still an undergraduate—and she’s worked for Procter & Gamble, Marathon Petroleum, and The Kleinger’s Group (a small civil design firm). 

Being a project manager has its ups and downs: “I love the project management aspect of my job, as it allows me to utilize my technical knowledge on a variety of topics along with interacting with contractors and building relationships with people,” she reports. 

However, she notes, “My least favorite part of the job is probably the culture of the business, as everyone (including myself) is doing their best to climb the ranks, and although I am very competitive in nature, it gets tiring at times.”



Age: 24

Job: Dietetic Technician at an Eating Disorder Clinic

Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

“Unlike my parents’ jobs,” says Pilar, “My job requires a Bachelor’s (and soon Master’s) degree. The salary is higher and the benefits are better. My career is not physically laborious like theirs.” More than anything else, Pilar wishes to make an impact with her work; flexibility ranks second. 

“Right now, I work as a Dietetic Technician at an Eating Disorder Treatment Center. I help individuals recover and re-mend their relationship with their food and their bodies. 

I earn a little over minimum wage (I have to learn how to ask for a raise!). I also speak out against diet culture and create awareness of weight bias and ‘fatphobia.’ On the side, I am a yoga teacher. I deliver donation-based yoga classes in underserved communities (primarily Latinx) in hopes to help gain body and mind trust and allow them accessibility to modes of wellness.” 



Age: 23

Job: Hospital employee orientation

Location: New York City, New York, U.S.

Rachel, who lives in New Jersey and works in New York City, does onboarding for employees at a major hospital, making around $50K/year. 

“I essentially do all parts of the pre-employment process,” she explains, “from background check, scheduling physicals, credentialing, etc. up to an individual’s first day of work. 

“What I love most is having the freedom to work independently with collaborative efforts here and there. It can be stressful at times since there’s so much to keep up with, but that keeps me on my toes.” 

She’s the first in her family to earn both college and graduate degrees and expects to reach CEO level in her career. 


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Suzanne Skees, author of the three-volume MY JOB series on real people in remarkable jobs, believes in the power of our jobs over our identity and wellbeing and, conversely, our ability to change our world with the work of our minds and hands. She lives by the Pacific Ocean and spends as much time as possible listening to the surf, and to silence.



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