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by | Jul 14, 2016 | Behind the Scenes

The book MY JOB is a collection of stories, told by real people in their own voices, about their work and lives across the U.S. and around the world. Their stories range from a coffee farmer in Nicaragua, a horse therapist in Kentucky, a slack-rock guitarist in Hawaii, a banker in Hong Kong, to a warrior in Africa. Their stories reveal their traumas, beliefs, and dreams–the common thread of our shared experience as humans and employees–and illuminate the tenacity and skill it takes to conduct their unique job in the culture in which they live. The book shares voices of unsung heroes at work; and all author proceeds and donations go to job-creation programs to end poverty.



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Suzanne Skees, author of the three-volume MY JOB series on real people in remarkable jobs, believes in the power of our jobs over our identity and wellbeing and, conversely, our ability to change our world with the work of our minds and hands. She lives by the Pacific Ocean and spends as much time as possible listening to the surf, and to silence.



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