The last in our video series from Harvard explores:

  • The connective power of sharing our stories of work;
  • How I began writing about people working their way out of poverty–who asked not for charity but for a chance at WORKING their own way out of poverty; and
  • Why I later “turned the microphone the other way” to share first-person stories about people in jobs across the U.S. and around the world.


Regardless of where we live, what income we earn, or any differences in age, gender, personality, religion, or politics, we all share the common human experience of work. Join me to consider the power of “job stories” to enable disparate people to connect, learn, and unify.



Do you know anyone born between 1995-2015 who has a unique job or approach to their work? Ask them to complete this survey, and they could end up featured in our next book: MY JOB GenZ: First Jobs, Dream Jobs, and How To Get There.

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