I’ve been waiting with bated breath for October 17, the day I’d hold my new book in my hands, and . . . nothing. I’m feeling a bit like an expectant mother whose due date has come and gone, with no indication that the baby is ready to come into the world.

MY JOB is now available November 14?

Thanks to those of you who are waiting along with me; our book rescheduled for release on November 14. I know, you’re waiting by the mailbox everyday and muttering “Hey, now wait a minute, mister postman,” under your breath. I’m with you. In the meantime what should you do? Here are 3 tips for dealing with the wait.

  1. Buy a copy of MY JOB on Kindle (which is really, truly available now). Read MY JOB immediately and then write a review.
  2. Write your holiday gift list and make sure MY JOB is on it. Everybody works, will work, or has worked. Help them gain perspectives about themselves while giving back to create jobs.
  3. Check out the amazing organizations doing job-creation work that will benefit from book sales. They are the reason I do the work that I do.

Just a few more days! If you end up ordering more copies than you can use, it would be a gift to our narrators and our cause if you would consider donating a copy to your local school or library.

Also, do me a favor, when you get the book, take a picture of yourself with it and post it to our Facebook page so we can track the stork’s deliveries!




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