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Online: The MY JOB books are available on Amazon or wherever you buy books online. Every book purchased helps create jobs to end poverty.
Reviews: PLEASE take two seconds to write a brief review, on the site where you purchased your books or on Facebook–it helps enormously with sales and credibility!
Brick and mortar stores: You can empower indie bookstores by choosing to purchase there. You may have to request the MY JOB books–but that will give our sales a boost as well.
Schools and libraries: Consider gifting the MY JOB series to young people you love, students pondering their future careers or striving to attain good jobs, your local librarian or teacher. (Every book purchased helps create jobs to end poverty, so your gift works both ways!)
Book groups: Select one of the MY JOB series for your book group and–just ask–wherever you are, I’ll be honored to join your discussion via video.
Open source: If you know of a young person who cannot afford to purchase the Gen Z book, just send me a note and I’ll give them the ebook version FREE. We want every young person to be inspired, empowered, and equipped to pursue the job they desire!
Join us: You become an integral partner when you post an online review of the MY JOB books or share a pic and story of you at work on Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtags #myjobstories and #suzanneskees so I can like and re-post for you!
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Books that create jobs: The MY JOB book series builds community, shares stories, and funds job-creation programs to end poverty.

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