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Austin Badger is the social media coordinator for the My Job project. She’s also operations director at Evolutionary Leadership, an annual leadership development workshop that empowers social innovators. She’s also worked with Breakthrough Strategies and Solutions, which researches and funds regenerative agriculture to take soil-carbon sequestration to scale globally. Her dedication to social change and activism started at a young age when she co-founded and ran a nonprofit to support the arts programs for a local magnet school. Austin earned a B.M in Vocal Performance/Opera from the Boston Conservatory. She believes the arts hold the power to build community, evoke empathy, and encourage creative thinking.

First Job: starting a landscaping maintenance company at age 12.Andrea Atkinson is the advisor to the My Job project, supporting the vision of the team to tell first-person stories and create dignified jobs. She also directs One Square World, supporting community-led processes towards equity and sustainability. She has a degree in International Relations with a focus on sustainable development in Latin America and Africa from Boston University and a graduate certificate in environmental management from Tufts University. Andrea is a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program. Don’t miss her provocative Foreword in My Job Book 1: “Jobs: A Unique Lens into Life.”

First job: cocktail waitress in Boston.

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